Thursday February 16, 2012

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: New Video: Dev, ‘In My Trunk’

Posted 2/16/12 5:00 pm ET by Nicole James in Music, Videos

In case you were wondering where MTV Artist To Watch 2012 Dev‘s “thump” is, it’s in the back of her ride, as she’ll tell you repeatedly in her new video “In My Trunk.” The track itself is another electro-dance banger from the “Backseat” singer (this girl really likes cars), but the video kind of reminds us of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” but set in Los Angeles… and with lasers!

We know that Dev’s got that figurative thump in her trunk as she and her fiancĂ© recently welcomed a new baby girl into the world (hey-o!), but Dev’s literal thumps can also be found in her trunk, if “thumps” means “booty-dancing friends” and “multicolored lasers.” Dev chauffeurs us around L.A. in her old-school Caddy while her friends get down in the trunk. “It was a late night/No Scrabble game night/I’m a handful, ain’t I?/Ain’t I, ain’t I?” Listen, Dev’s definitely cooler than everyone ever, and we know you want to emulate her (me too), but do not try this at home, kids! Click it or ticket!

Watch Dev’s “In My Trunk” video after the jump.

Case in point: At the end of the video, Dev thumpin’ trunk gets her ass pulled over. But when the cop goes to look for the stash, it’s no longer in the trunk. Dev: part-time Booty Bouncer, part-time magician. Only in California would that be considered a job.

+ Watch Dev’s “In My Trunk” video.